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These works explore the formation of aesthetic values – how we look to the past, to ancient artifacts and derelict objects to understand the depth of beauty as a transcendent journey. The appropriation of where human values intersect the material world: gradients gathered from the hems of our cities to the art of our masters. Instinctively we amass our visual cues into one dynamic collage – our ‘taste’.


这些作品探索审美价值观形成的过程- 我们怎样看待过去、古代文物和遗留的对象,以了解美的深度,也就成了一趟超然的旅程。假设人性价值与物质世界交汇的合适之处:以我们城市层次不同的轮廓到大师的超羣艺术,点点滴滴结集成不同的弧度。就像与生俱来的本能,我们于是累积了可见的线索,变成动态的拼贴,那就是我们的「品味」。


Text: ITBeijing Market

Images: ITBeijing Market



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